1989 Aston Martin V8 Zagato Vantage Volante


1989 Aston Martin V8 Zagato Vantage Volante

Chassis 30041

Engine V/580/0041/X


On the road, the Zagato eats up the long straights. Once moving its progress is magnificently effortless. Like most very fast cars, it's as if it isn't constrained by the physical laws of gravity and air resistance. Unlike most very fast cars, however, it fools its driver into thinking that its blistering, growling pace is normal, comfortable, undramatic.' - Motor.

With the introduction of the V8 Vantage-based Zagato in 1986, Aston Martin renewed its association with one of Italy's most illustrious carrozzeria, Zagato having been responsible for that most celebrated and desirable of all post-war Aston Martins, the DB4GT. Neighboring stands at the 1984 Geneva Salon facilitated the initial contact between Aston boss Victor Gauntlett and the Zagato brothers, and by the following year, the project had progressed sufficiently for Aston to accept deposits on the 50 production cars planned. The first prototype was shown to the public at Geneva in March 1986, and in June successfully met its design target by achieving a maximum speed of 186mph while on test with the French magazine Sport Auto.

As part of the build brief for the Zagato, was to eliminate some of the standard Vantage weight, and this was achieved quite simply by shortening the wheelbase by just over 17 centimeters and the removal of the back seats, this created the very first production two-seater since the Aston Martin DB4 GT. Vantage specification was a 5.3-litre four-cam V8 and producing a 432bhp at 6,200rpm.

 After the great success of the saloon body, it was only natural that the Volante convertible would follow. The very first example of this was by converting a saloon - chassis number '20042' - which was first displayed at the Geneva Salon in 1987. It was only intended for the fuel-injected 320bhp engine, the production Volante avoided its sibling's bonnet bulge unless a customer specified this. The Volante’s intention was to be even more exclusive and only 25 were planned to be manufactured, opposed to 50 saloons, however, only 37 had been built by the time production ceased in 1990, which of course, made this one of the rarest and most sought-after convertible supercars, and as an Aston Martin collectable. 

 Right hand drive Chassis ‘30041’ is the first of the enviable 6 Zagato Volantes originally constructed by the factory with 432bhp Vantage engine which is identified as the ‘X’ suffix to the number rather than a ‘V’ AML’s invoice for the work is dated 31st October 1989 and is on the file, including the order sheet. It has an original warranty card with the name P S Green Esq of Bramhall Cheshire ‘30041’ The car has spent most of its time in the hands of Roger Bennington of the Stratton Motor Company. It has a very low mileage of 9,138 miles from new. It is still very much an original car and comes fitted with its Goodyear tires it left the factory with. 

 The car is beautifully presented in a Rolls-Royce royal blue with a blue piped magnolia leather interior and blue carpets. This is a very rare Zagato Vantage Volante that has been privately owned and in excellent original condition. The car is available with a full history, sundry invoices and a V5 registration document. There is only 1 listed deviation from the original factory specification and that is an iPod integrated into the original radio. 

Price P.O.A



  • RHD 

  • One of only three with this colour combination  

  • Rolls-Royce Royal Blue with Blue Piped Magnolia Leather Interior 

  • UK Registered

  • 30041 was one of the first Volante Zagatos to receive a full factory Vantage upgrade