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The Extraordinary Car Club is not for ordinary car fans. We do not do ordinary rallies. Our membership does not include ordinary offers from ordinary partners. 


The Extraordinary Car Club is a collective for the discerning car enthusiast.


We are a brethren and sisterhood of devotees who appreciate not just the rush of being behind the wheel of an extraordinary car but also the intense joy of the journey. 


The club is a celebration of all that is extraordinary about this world; a world that is neither the past nor the future but a restless, rousing meeting of the two. It’s electronic jazz. It’s porn-star martinis and rare Japanese whiskey. It’s monochrome and neon lights. It’s modern/classic. Instant vintage. The friends you travel with. The destinations you drive to. If these are the things that drive you, come drive with us.


Do you need to own a classic or premium sports car to join? Friend, the road is made for sharing.


The only pre-requisites are an ingrained spirit of adventure, a hard-wired thirst for the road less travelled and a love of the wind in your hair.


Strap in. It’s going to be one hell of a ride.